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RagaMuffin Boys
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Valleycat Paprika 

Cream Mink Tabby & White Boy

Filensio Zander & Rivendell Rags Equisitesaffron.

This large impressive boy is everything a Muffiin should be! super type, large, lovely boning and a personality to match. We adore him, as do our ladies:) 

 Luvumcats Silver Surfer 

Blue Silver tabby and white 

Pet name Dude! and what a Dude he is.... Dude is our youngest home bred boy with the extremely rare blue eyes that we love here at Luvumcats. 

We are more than excited to have our first kittens by him in 2020.                                             

Filensio Sebastian

Blue Mink & White Boy

Encore Cats Geno x Rivendell Rags Calypso Queen 

Sebastian stole our hearts from day one with his super friendly laid back personality!! Sebastian is every ones friend and the first to be on your knee purring his little heart out.



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