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RagaMuffin Cat

Many people say, I have never heard of a RagaMuffin, can you tell me what they are like? Are they like a Ragdoll....... Well I thought the best way to answer this question was to ask my pet owners who own a Luvumcats baby their feelings and thoughts. 


So these are the answers I got! 


Sam I have had 2 ragamuffins and they are a absolute treasure they become your entire world ! So so loving playful the perfect pet. They are so lovingly home reared and settle in well and become part of the family straight away, I have other cats and dogs and they are just so chilled with them too
Totally in love with them


Kirstie -I am the proud owner of 4 beautiful Ragamuffins and can honestly say whilst they are all so very different they are equally all as adorable!
If you want a chilled out,loving,clever and talented pussycat then a Ragamuffin is for you! All my babies have come from Luvumcats happy household and I wouldn't have it any other way! Xx



Jenny - My RagaMuffin Gracie is perfect, she's so loving and wants to be around me all the time. We have even taken her away with us in the caravan, she settled in like it was her home, she's happy to be with me where ever I am. 

She loved our children and has settled in with all my animals, its like she has been with us forever. Michelle is a very warm person who welcomed us into her home to visit Gracie and its so lovely to see the other kittens playing freely with in her home, this is what makes kittens happy and healthy. Gracie was toilet trained and we have never had an accident from her. RagaMuffin's are new to me, I had a Ragdoll from Michelle 7 years ago. We love them both thank you Michelle"









Cat & Dave Billy & Bobby came to us a year ago. The moment they came to through the door, they took over our hearts. They had been litter trained by Michelle and they immediately used their tray and settled down so easily in their new home. We work all day so they are perfectly happy on their own- but when we return they follow us around like dogs!

They are so loving and love to to sit on our laps whilst we watch TV. Yesterday we came home and our post was not on the mat- but the cats had taken it upstairs! There is never a dull moment with a RagaMuffin in your life!


        Karen -Thank You Michelle for letting us have the pleasure of being able to give one of your beautifully bred kittens Frankie a forever home. She is the cutest little lady ever. Full of mischief and most of all love. She is adorably cuddly. She settled in very well and loves our Shitzu Fletcher, sharing his basket they snuggle up together. We are so pleased we found you Michelle, you gave her the very best start in life with your wealth of experience of this breed.




                                                                   The rules of owning a human by Louis, Red Mitted Ragamuffin aged 5 months... & a bit

1) I crave your attention therefore I will sit at your feet & cry so pitifully until you pick me up.

2) Failure to pick me up may result in me having to find my own way up using my claws.on your best jeans.

3) You will have to learn to complete tasks with one hand so that your other hand is free to carry me around. If you cannot master this skill refer to item 1.

4) As your constant companion, you will never again have to go to the toilet alone. I will enter that water closet at your side. However if you do not let me I will either:
- Sit outside & cry pitifully (because Im good at it)
- Keep swiping my feet under the door if the gap is big enough
- If the first two dont make you let me in then Im going to rip the carpet up outside the door until you do. Your choice.

5) I will love your dogs as much as you do. I will bound all over them & lick them while they sleep. I cant figure out why they leave the room when I walk in

6) I will run fearlessly alongside them when they run down the garden to protect the perimeter of our dwelling. However if they bark loudly you will never see me run so fast back to the house.

7) I shall allow you to groom my coat & clean out my eyes, nose & ears. You shall be permitted to manipulate my legs & tail in any direction in order to keep me looking tip top & I shall not object. I will join you happily in such activities.

8) I will make your other cat/s lives as misery while I'm young & honing my hunting skills. Get over it.

9) I am mostly fearless, very active & mischievous but occasionally I will stand still long enough for you to take an adoring picture of me & share it on social media because after all you know Im awesome.

10) Lastly, when Ive finally pushed my luck & I see you striding over to me with that if I have to tell you one more time face & I know Im really in trouble, I will be forced to use my last line of defence. Now I know what youre thinking, will it be the razor sharp claws or my deadly set of nashers that fend you off? Well no. Youll swoop in, pick me up & Illgo completely & utterly limp. You will take one look at my long floppy being & go ahhh, I cant tell him off hes just so cute. Inevitably you will not be able to resist petting me & I will lick your nose in return & contemplate how you fell for it.again!


















Meg -Michelle breeds the best cats ever! They are loving, used to other animals and even children. All key trusts in our house. We have had 2 Muffins from Luvumcats - Shiraz & Amarula. Both have loving natures, love cuddles and keep us entertained. They greet us at the front door when we come home, follow us around. Amarula kept us amused by bringing leaves in for us from our garden (they are mostly indoors but do go into the garden). Sometimes Shiraz may walk with us to the local post office, sit outside and meow then walk back with us. They are lovely cats and can highly recommend the breed as well as those from Luvumcats

Claire Having had 2 ragdolls from Luvumcats already (sadly only one now) I needed a friend for my lovely raggie Merlin. Harvey , a red bi-colour muffin came to live with us on 9th July and he has shaken up the house lol! He took over as if he'd always lived here, a very brave little chap!
Firstly, they are the most affectionate breed I've ever known and he's happiest when he's at my side, or feet or shoulders or arms or lap, purring all the time like a non-stop engine.
He's fearless,
mischievous, cheeky, communicative with his chats, chirrups and purrs, energetic, clever, a mix of cat, dog and parrot as he likes lying on my shoulders, plays fetch, and anyone that comes to the house totally adores him! He's a popular boy!
Here's the difference between a Ragdoll and a Ragamuffin. Today I was putting the sofa covers on after washing - Harvey got stuck in and "helped", Merlin supervised lazily from a distance
He's my third Luvumcat and as always Michelle, you've given into my care the best little cats in the world, totally house-trained and ready to fit in anywhere and with anyone - thank you xxxx
Jane & Chris -We have the lovely Harriet. She's been with us for five weeks now and has established herself as the centre of our world. It was very obvious from Day 1 just how well prepared she was for her forever home; Michelle does an amazing job. Nothing bothers little Hattie, she just takes everything in her stride. She adapted to our routines straight away and has coped with visitors, vacuum cleaners, delivery men bashing a desk together - nothing bothers her at all, she just keeps purring. She's comical, very intelligent, loving and great fun. If she could spend all day on or by you on the sofa, purring and being adored & cuddled, she would. This is a wonderful breed and Michelle is a superb breeder                   











Mary -.My little Emily is a very loving intelligent kitten . She's an absolute delight to have around. She was toilet. trained as soon as we got her Her temperament is very sweet, clever and curious. She gets on well with our other cat. Michelle is a very thorough caring breeder . She explained everything we needed to know about ragamuffins. Also she came with her own little guide on how to care for her which was really thoughtful. If you want an easy going confident clever cat the ragamuffin breed is the perfect choice.          






Kirstie G-Sugar becoming part of the family has made us complete. We have a bit of a zoo here and her amazing personality and affection, which she is always willing to give! just made settling her in, so much easier. Sugar is amazing with our Autistic son and watching them play together is so lovely, we couldn't imagine life without her. Thank you Michelle for choosing us to be her owners, or should I say, be owned by her! LOL The Ragamuffin breed truly is beautiful! Xxx    

                                     You have been warned.... one RagaMuffin is never enough!! 


















































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Shrewsbury, Shropshire, UK

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