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Hi , my name is Michelle and I'm a small hobby breeder of RagaMuffin cats. I live in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. I bought my first Ragdoll in October 2004 after my black Moggie Murphy Jo had  been run over. I was so heart broken at losing him I knew only a very special cat could help ease the passing.

This was when I read about the Ragdoll and the RagaMuffins. As the RagaMuffins are such a rare breed, I started Breeding Ragdolls first in 2004 and my
journey with breeding RagaMuffins started in May 2008 when Luvumcats joined a group of breeders, who all wished to import the RagaMuffin Cat into the UK. Unfortunately the timing wasn't quite right for my family and I so we had to wait until nearly a year later when we were very lucky to purchase our first RagaMuffin from Zoe Mathews, and our dream of owing and breeding RagaMuffins began again.
I totally  love this special, rare beautiful breed. Their many colours and sweet cheeky nature means that they just steel your heart with one look. I am so excited to have this wonderful opportunity to own, breed RagaMuffins.     







A little about us, We have four children between myself and partner Dave ranging between the ages of 16 to 25. We are also now Grand Parents so our Muffin  babies are pretty bomb proof when they leave us for their new homes. I am also a dog lover and we own a lovely Spaniel called Ava, who really thinks she's a cat. 

 Our kittens are born in my bedroom and remain there until they are old enough to join the chaos of family life downstairs. My main aim is to continue to breed happy, healthy and well adjusted kittens with wonderful temperaments keeping the size, look and type that the breed is famous for. Our Adult cats have access to a large out side enclosed play area where they can play and enjoy the sun.( When we have some)











RagaMuffin Kittens & RagaMuffin Breeder
Shrewsbury, Shropshire, UK

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